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Custom Rigid Boxes Manufacturer MILO Poland – who are we?

MILO Group is a rigid boxes manufacturer. We are a family business with over 30 years of experience in the production of packaging. We have created a prototype studio where we can test innovative solutions. The firm is constantly developing, which is confirmed by numerous awards and certificates. MILO Group supports the growth of our customers by offering innovative, high-quality packaging. We also implement measures which allow us to care about the environment.

What do we have to offer?

Being a custom rigid box manufacturer, we offer high quality packaging options for various types of clients. Out catalog consists of such products, as:

Our boxes are made of the best quality ecological raw materials with FSC certificates. The production is environmentally friendly and powered by renewable energy sources, mainly electricity obtained from our own photovoltaic farm. The boxes are created with a considerable attention to detail and can be used in many different industries, from food to cosmetics.

The advantages of choosing our rigid packaging company

By choosing our brand, clients can be sure to obtain a high quality product that can protect the items from damage. They can also gain an excellent marketing tool.

High quality products

MILO Group is a rigid packaging company that uses modern and efficient machines, which allows us to keep the top quality of a product while simultaneously maintaining the competitive price. By choosing our brand, the clients can obtain high-end luxurious rigid boxes suitable for premium brands and products. We offer a vast variety of shapes and sizes and allow the customers to personalize their purchases according to their individual needs.

Protection from damage

Our boxes are of excellent value. They can protect the items placed in them from exterior damages, high and low temperature, as well as humidity. The rigid boxes ensure the product is properly stored and will maintain its qualities.

Gaining an excellent marketing tool

MILO Group custom rigid boxes can make the product stand out and attract the gaze of a potential customer. They help create a unique look for the merchandise, which conveys the brand’s vision and values. By doing so, it creates a demand and increases exposure. The customized packaging is a very effective marketing tool, invaluable in boosting the sales and establishing the brand on the market.

MILO Group Rigid Boxes Manufacturer

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