Customizable ring binders
Custom binders

Rigid-Box is a well-established custom 3 rings binders manufacturer with many years of experience in the industry. The company offers a wide range of products and is capable of carrying out even the most demanding tasks.

The binders are of highest quality and can effectively increase productivity in the office, as well as help establish the brand on the market. All products from Rigid-Box’s catalog are very cost-effective, which makes them available even for the companies with smaller budgets.

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What materials are used to make Bespoke ring binders?

Bespoke printed ring binders are made of ecological raw materials with FSC certificates. They are characterized by their high aesthetics and an exquisite quality of workmanship. The production process of customizable ring binders available in the Rigid-Box catalog is environmentally friendly, as it is powered by renewable energy sources, mostly the company’s own photovoltaic farm.

All products can be created based on projects prepared in the Rigid-Box own studio or according to the designs supplied by the customer. 

Why is it worth choosing custom ring binders from Rigid-Box?

Custom 3 rings binders
Custom binders

By choosing custom binders from Rigid-Box, the client is sure to obtain the highest quality of product designed to match their individual needs. The binders are prepared in accordance with previously established visual identification. The client can decide on the color palette, the format, and the width of the spine. It is also possible to choose between several variants of additional accessories, eyelets, pockets, and ring mechanisms, as well as various methods of binder finishing.

The cover of the custom ring binder can imitate canvas or leather, which gives a more elegant, luxurious look. The client may also decide to emphasize their company’s ecological activities by opting for ECO binders made of high quality ribbed paper. Moreover, it is possible to give the ring binder a milky cover that resembles frosted glass, by choosing the model made of polypropylene, and to implement holes in the cover for easy transport, creating so called die cut binders.

Each binder may be additionally secured by gloss or matt foil, which protects it from the damage.

How personalized ring binders facilitate the organization of the daily life of the company?

Personalized ring binders are extremely sturdy and resilient to the external forces, which means they can be used for many years. They ensure full protection and comfortable organization of the files in the office, which can greatly improve work efficiency. By implementing custom made ring binders, the company ensures better legibility of all the stored documents.

Each file can be thoroughly labeled and properly stored. It allows for much easier access and helps improve the comfort of the employees – they waste less time and energy searching for the necessary documents. They also feel better in a less cluttered and better organized office space. As a result the work in the company goes much more smoothly and the employer can see the increase of efficiency.

The impact of custom printed binders on the company’s image

Custom printed binders are extremely durable, yet very elegant and are an excellent tool invaluable when building a brand image. They can be decorated with the company’s logo and eye-catching designs, which help attract the attention of potential business partners. They also help keep the office clean and organized, which sends a good message to the contracting party.

Moreover, in one variant, the custom ring binders allow the ring mechanism to be directed upwards and individual sheets to be easily presented to the company's customers. It makes for a perfect sample book that can be used to promote the product the company wants to sell.

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