Rigid Box With Lid

Custom box with lid
Bottom lid box

MILO Group designs and produces high-end bottom lid boxes. They are fully customizable – the client can choose features such as color, texture, thickness and the print. That way each box is perfectly matched to the needs of the product, as well as the company’s branding.

Bottom lid box – characteristics

Bottom lid box
Bottom lid box

The rigid box with lid consists of a bottom, which is a safe foundation for the structure, and a lid that closes and protects the products presented in it. It protects the product from the different types of damage. The bottom lid box can also perfectly display the item inside. To play that role, it uses matched foam, cardboard, and embossing or elegant wrapping paper. The rigid boxes with lid manufactured by MILO Group are characterized by their high quality and robustness. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are easy to customize.

Excellent quality

The bottom lid boxes are made of high quality materials, with the use of modern machines. They ensure efficiency and repeatability of the production process. Due to the big attention to detail,  the rigid boxes with lid are suitable for premium brands and products


The rigid boxes with lid are made with the use of solid cardboard with a specific, sturdy structure. It makes the packaging robust and perfect for storing and displaying even fragile items.

Diverse range of shapes and dimensions

The bottom lid boxes are available in a vast variety of shapes and sizes. The client can choose the length, width, and height of the packaging. The boxes can also have different colors, styles, and designs.

Easy to customize

The rigid boxes with lid are easy to customize. The clients can design a type of packaging most suited for their individual needs. In order to perfectly align with the company branding, add nobility to the product, and distinguish it from the competition, the box can be laminated and refined. The clients can choose to add logo embossing, e.g. with gold foil, or decorate the packaging with local UV varnish. They can also use paper with a fabric, structural structure or e.g. soft touch foil. Moreover, the logotype on the box can be displayed with hot stamping in one of the many colors available in the offer.

What are the functions of the bottom lid box?

The bottom lid boxes can insulate, protect, and preserve the products. Items placed in boxes are safe from exterior damages and heat. Well designed rigid box with a lid can also help the product to stand out from the competition. Right packaging is one of the key elements in building a strong, prestigious and reliable brand.

Bottom lid boxes – application

The bottom lid boxes are used in various industries. They can serve as a packaging for cosmetics, perfumes, vinyl discs, fashion items and many more.

Benefits of the custom box with lid

The custom boxes with lid are easy to open and suitable for automated filling process. Aside from protecting the product, they can also convey the brand’s vision and attract customers’ attention. By giving the merchandise a luxurious appearance, the well designed packaging is capable of persuading the buyers to make a purchase. Customized bottom lid boxes, which meet the individual needs of the brand, are a great marketing device. They make the product stand out from the competitors and are a tool used to promote the brand. The biggest benefits of the custom boxes with lid are the enhancement of the business sales and the advancement of the brand in the industry of choice.

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