Custom file folder
Custom folders

Rigid-Box is a custom file folder manufacturer with many years of experience in the industry. Each of the products in the company’s catalog is characterized by high quality workmanship, durability and great functionality. All the file folders manufactured by Rigid-Box are made of sturdy, ecological raw materials with FSC certificates.

Our production process is also environmentally friendly, being powered by renewable energy sources, mainly the company's own photovoltaic farm.

What is the purpose of rigid folders?

Personalized file folders
Custom folders

Rigid folders are one of the most convenient ways to store documents. They come in various formats and can store single documents, thick catalogs, as well as all kinds of conference and advertising materials.

Custom folders with handle are a perfect addition to a professional conference set, expandable folders with a wide spine can accommodate a large stack of documents, and supplementing a folder with compartments allows keeping a collection of single sheets of paper in order. Good organization of files saves a lot of space in the office, helps reduce clutter and makes the bureau more user friendly. As a result the employees waste less time and energy searching for the necessary documents, which makes their work much easier and more effective.

In addition to all this, printed folders make for a great alternative to plain (and boring) office stationery. They help the company promote its brand and build a coherent visual identity, all while being extremely cost-effective, which makes them a great solution even for businesses with smaller budgets.

What companies use cardboard file folders?

Despite ongoing migration towards digital filing systems, physical file folders are still used by many companies in various fields. They are a core organizational tool for business administration and scientific management. File folders are also commonly applied in the hospitals and other medical facilities in order to store individual patient records. They make it easy to find necessary information on the patient in alphabetized filing cabinets.

Moreover, file folders are immensely popular among legal professionals.

How to customize Bespoke file folders?

Bespoke file folders can be customized to better match the individual needs of the customer. While placing an order, the client can choose the spine width of the folder, as well as its color and design. They may also decide to put additional elements, such as a handle or a pen holder. Each folder can have a different print and be equipped with a suitable closing mechanism that uses magnet, elastic or Velcro. By implementing the closing mechanism, the client can prevent accidental opening and reduce the risk of the documents falling out.

Order custom cardboard file folders with handle

Why is it worth ordering personalized file folders from a reputable manufacturer?

Ordering custom folders from a reputable manufacturer ensures the high quality of the product. It also gives the customer the ability to participate in the designing process.

Rigid-Box offers only the best customizable file folders. The clients can choose from:

  • custom rigid folders,
  • custom folders with rubber,
  • custom file folders with handle,
  • custom file folders with magnetic closure.

By working closely with the designers from Rigid-Box, the client can get the product tailored to the individual needs of their company. Custom made printed file folders not only ensure proper organization of documents and protection from dirt and possible damage, but also boost work efficiency, allowing for a much easier and more comfortable access.

By implementing cardboard file folders with handle, file folders with rubber or magnetic file folders in the office, the company can also improve their image – every patron will appreciate high aesthetics and good organization, and will surely take this under consideration while choosing a business partner.

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