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Rigid boxes are the perfect solution for elegant packaging of jewellery. They can elevate the charm of rings, necklaces and earrings even further. By placing the jewellery in a beautifully designed, eye-catching rigid box, the jewellery companies can add elegance and chic to their products, while simultaneously protecting them from external damage.

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Why do jewellery companies invest in premium jewellery boxes?

jewellery gift boxes

Jewellery companies invest in premium jewellery boxes in order to keep their products safe from potential damage, soiling and other types of contamination. The protection offered by a high quality rigid packaging allows even the most delicate pieces to stay intact during transportation and storing.

Moreover, by investing in premium jewellery boxes, jewellery companies ensure the best presentation of their products, making them seem even more elegant and luxurious.

How jewellery boxes can help with the presentation of the jewellery?

A high quality jewellery box can change the way the client perceives the jewellery brand and all its products. It has been proven that beautiful packaging adds to the overall aesthetics and gives a more sophisticated look. As a result it has the ability to enhance the beauty of a jewel, making it seem more elegant, stylish, and luxurious.

If the jewellery is thought to be a gift, the rigid packaging can also create a satisfying unboxing experience for the receiver.

Ways of personalizing jewellery gift boxes

Jewellery boxes available in the Rigid-Box catalog can be personalized. A vast variety of customization options are attainable. It is possible to choose the type and color of the box, the type of inserts, as well as various veneers and decorations. By personalizing the jewellery gift box, the client can acquire a packaging perfectly fitted for the needs of the product and the brand as a whole.

Choosing the type of the box

Personalization of the jewellery gift box starts with choosing its type. The client can opt for a magnetic box, a bottom lid box, a neck box, or a slip box.

Choosing the color of the box

While customizing the jewellery box, the client chooses its color. Currently the most popular colors in the industry are black and white, which are suitable for all occasions and perfectly match every logo, regardless of its coloring. The clients are of course free to make the choice compatible with their own sense of aesthetics and their personal needs.

Choosing the type of inserts

To prevent the jewellery from moving inside of the packaging and sustaining possible damage, the jewellery boxes are equipped with shock-absorbing fitted inserts. During the customization process, the client can opt for cardboard, foam, or flocked inserts.

Choosing the veneers

Personalizing the jewellery gift box allows the client to choose a type of decorative veneer. Canvas, leather, as well as ecological paper are the available options.

Choosing decorations

By customizing the jewellery gift box the client can also opt for specific decorations. The packaging may be adorned with colorful ribbons, graphics and patterns. Moreover, it can be decorated with:

  • hot stamping – pressing a metallic print and foil onto the surface of the box, 
  • logo embossing – pressing images, designs, and texts into paper and other materials to create a raised silhouette of an artwork design,
  • UV varnish,
  • anti-scratch film,
  • soft touch film.

What kind of jewellery can be placed in jewellery gift boxes manufactured by Rigid-Box?

Jewellery gift boxes manufactured by Rigid-Box come in various shapes and sizes, which means they can be used for any type of jewellery. The high-end packaging available in the company’s catalog is perfect for rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, as well as other types of jewels.

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