Chocolate Rigid Boxes

Chocolate packaging boxes
Chocolate rigid box

MILO Group produces high-end boxes for pralines and chocolates, as well as chocolate packaging supplies. Each piece of packaging is designed to protect its content and attract the gaze of the customers, compelling them to make a purchase.

Chocolate packaging boxes – what makes them so special?

Chocolate packaging boxes
Chocolate packaging boxes

While the taste is definitely the most important thing about chocolate, the appearance of the confection can have a huge impact on the product’s performance in the market. Chocolate packaging boxes can ensure the aesthetics of the merchandise. They are characterized by high quality, strength and endurance, as well as availability in different shapes and sizes. Moreover, they can be fully customized.

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High quality

The chocolate packaging boxes are made of high quality materials. A great attention to detail was implemented during the production process in order to ensure repeatability and high efficiency. For the refinement of the boxes hot stamping, embossing, selective UV varnishes, soft touch foils, as well as all kinds of veneers (e.g. canvas, leather, ecological paper) were implemented. Thanks to this the chocolate boxes stand out from the competition, and are suitable for premium brands and products.

Strength and endurance

Due to the use of solid boards for the production of the chocolate rigid boxes, this type of packaging is very robust and durable. To ensure even more strength, the inside of the boxes can be equipped with paperboard, cardboard or PVC inserts. Moreover, the prints on the packaging are also very durable and not prone to smudging.

Availability of different shapes and sizes

Chocolate rigid boxes come in multiple shapes and sizes, as well as different colors and designs. They are available in the form of magnetic boxes, bottom-lid boxes and drawer boxes. Clients can decide on the length, width, and height of a box.

Ability to customize

The chocolate rigid boxes can be customized in order to align with the product and the company branding. The clients can choose the design of the packaging according to their needs. They can also decide on placing some print graphics in the outer or inner surface of the box, as well as select material, lamination, and a special finish.

Functionality of the chocolate packaging boxes

The packaging boxes protect the chocolate from exterior damages and heat, which may cause it to become damp, dry or squished. They ensure the chocolate is properly stored and can maintain its taste, texture and freshness. Thanks to them, the sweets stay intact and fresh. The chocolate packaging boxes, aside from protecting the product, should also emphasize its uniqueness. They do it by giving the chocolate a luxurious appearance that attracts customers’ attention and encourages them to make a purchase.

Applications of the chocolate packaging boxes

The chocolate packaging boxes are used by various chocolate manufacturers. They serve mostly to pack pralines, but can be also used for different products. The chocolate rigid boxes are often utilized to create special offer sets, popular during holidays and festivities, such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day or Halloween.

Chocolate packaging supplies – benefits to the clients

Using the chocolate packaging boxes allows the companies to protect their products from various types of damage. It also gives the merchandise the stylish and luxurious appearance, with which it can stand out on the store shelf. Packaging appealing to the buyers helps attract their attention and boost sales. It is an efficient marketing tool – it successfully promotes the brand, enabling it to excel on the market. Well designed, high quality chocolate packaging boxes can help the manufacturer to compete with other brands and, in effect, turn a bigger profit.

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