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Round tube box

MILO Group is a reputable family company that designs and produces high-end round tube boxes. The boxes are fully customizable, which means the client can choose their distinctive features, such as color, texture, thickness, and the print. It allows the tube box to be perfectly matched to the needs of the product, as well as the company’s branding.

Round tube boxes – characteristics

The round tube boxes are characterized by their high quality and remarkable sturdiness. They are available in a vast variety of shapes and sizes. In order to fulfill the individual needs of the client, the round tube boxes can be customized.

High quality

The round cardboard tube boxes are made of rigid solid cardboard covered with decorative paper. They can be refined with soft touch foil, embossing, hot stamping,  as well as UV varnish, which makes them more unique and appealing to the eye. The tube boxes were created with the use of modern and efficient machines and with a substantial attention to the details. They are of the highest quality, but maintain the competitive price, which makes them available to the wider group of buyers.


The use of high-quality solid cardboard ensures the custom round boxes are very robust and resilient to the external factors. They can successfully protect the product from any kind of damage. Also the prints on the surface of the box are very durable and impervious to smudging.

Availability of various shapes and sizes

The round cardboard tube boxes are available in various shapes and sizes. They can have any chosen dimensions and prints – the clients may choose the length, width, height, color, style, and the design of the packaging.

Customization options

The round tube boxes are customizable. It is possible to create a box based on the design provided by the client, as well as chosen from one of the MILO Group’s projects. Each tube box can be created with a veneer with a canvas or leather structure. The inside of the box can be equipped with a foam, cardboard or carotene insert.

What are the applications of the cardboard tube boxes?

The cardboard tube boxes are the perfect solution for presenting CBD oils, watches, cosmetics, and alcohol. They are also ideal for universities as a tube for a diploma or certificate.

Functionality of the tube boxes

The tube boxes are extremely functional. They are comfortable to hold in hand, take up little space, and form a coherent whole with the product inside. The cardboard tube boxes protect the item placed in them from the heat, humidity, and other types of exterior damage. They help to make sure the product is properly stored and will maintain its qualities. Aside from preserving the item, the custom round boxes can also make it stand out on the store shelf. While well designed, they can create a unique look for the merchandise and make it appealing to the customer. The tube boxes can serve as an efficient marketing device – they have the ability to elevate the product and promote the brand on the market in a very effective way.

Advantages of the custom round boxes

The custom round boxes give the product a stylish appearance consistent with the brand’s vision. They can attract the customers attention with their unique form and encourage them to make a purchase. The high quality tube gift boxes increase exposure, create demand, and help establish a fruitful relationship with the buyer. They are a very effective merchandising tool which allows the brand to boost the sales and further establish itself in the industry.

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