KRAFT Eco-Friendly Boxes

Custom eco friendly packaging
Eco-friendly boxes

Eco boxes are taking the packaging industry by storm. Their distinctive veneer attracts customers’ attention and suggests the product inside is of natural origin.

Eco friendly boxes – characteristics

KRAFT eco friendly boxes are manufactured from renewable, FSC-certified raw materials and high-quality solid cardboard. They use ecological veneer. The production process of eco boxes is environmentally friendly – all machinery is powered by renewable energy sources, mainly the company’s own photovoltaic farm. KRAFT boxes are characterized by high quality, sturdiness, and the availability of various shapes and sizes.

High quality

Eco friendly boxes are created with a substantial attention to detail which ensures their high quality.  Their production takes place on fully automated machines, warranting accuracy of execution and repeatability. The excellent value of KRAFT eco friendly boxes makes them suitable for even the most demanding premium brands and products.


Due to the use of the automatic, powerful machines in the production process, the eco friendly cardboard boxes are robust and can protect any type of merchandise from exterior damage. The sturdiness of this type of packaging makes it suitable for various industries.

Availability of various shapes and sizes

Eco friendly boxes are available in various dimensions. They can be effectively adjusted to the size and shape of the merchandise they were designed for.

How to personalize eco friendly boxes?

KRAFT eco friendly boxes are customizable. While placing an order, the client can decide on the length, width, and height of the packaging. In case of neck rigid eco friendly boxes, it is also possible to choose the height of the lid and the base, as well as the visibility of the neck when the box is closed. The window eco friendly boxes, on the other hand, can be personalized in terms of the size of the transparent part that can show a fragment or the entirety of the product placed in the packaging. It is also the client’s choice to decide whether the box should have anything printed on its outer or inner parts. 

What products are eco friendly boxes suitable for?

The possibilities for the use of KRAFT eco friendly boxes are almost limitless. This type of packaging can be implemented in various industries as it is suitable for a vast range of products. Different types of eco friendly boxes are used for different merchandise.

Neck rigid eco friendly boxes

Neck rigid eco friendly boxes are great for fragile products, such as chocolates, candles, and glass ornaments. They can also be used as a packaging for cosmetics, alcohol, ties, jewelry, and watches.

Slipcase eco friendly boxes

Slipcase eco friendly boxes are perfect for records, films, CDs, photo albums, binders and toys. They can be used for special edition releases and box sets, in order to close the collection into one coherent whole.

Window eco friendly boxes

Window eco friendly boxes are often used for displaying cosmetics, perfume, and high-end alcoholic beverages, as they allow the customers to see a part of the bottle or the product label and let the luxurious merchandise speak for itself.

Advantages of custom eco friendly packaging

KRAFT custom eco friendly packaging is sustainable and offers such advantages, as versatility, customization options, availability in various dimensions, and great aesthetics. It can showcase the brand’s care for the environment, which makes it a very effective marketing tool capable of improving the image of the brand. The company that uses custom eco friendly packaging is more appealing to the environmentally conscious customers, who look for ways to improve the state the planet is in. As a result the brand that decided to implement KRAFT custom packaging can boost their sales and build a strong position on the changing market.



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