Sample Books

Custom Sample Books
Our company's extensive range includes the production of sample books with colour printing. This is an excellent form of visualising a product by presenting its samples, designs or colours in an elegant and practical packaging. Our most popular products include construction chemistry samples, floor and skirting samples, profile samples, glass samples or fabric and roller blind samples.

Custom Sample Books - Manufacturer MILO Poland

Sample Books
Depending on your needs, we can prepare sample books in any form – as classic covers, large presentation boards, handy chests, binders or other personalised variants. On request, we will prepare a graphic design and a prototype of the finished product, which will allow us to evaluate the sample book before ordering a complex implementation.

Sample books for companies are produced from reinforced solid board capable of holding samples of all kinds. This makes it possible to produce sample books for products such as stone, tiles, profiles or glass. The sample book can be filled with die-cut foam to hold the samples in place.

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