Custom clipboards
Custom clipboards

Clipboards are a practical accessory used by people to keep track of their tasks and organize loose paperwork. They make it easy to sort the documents and keep them in one place with the use of a metal clip. Clipboards facilitate the presentation of an offer. They are also very practical in situations calling for a rigid base for writing on the go.

Moreover, high quality custom clipboards with a logo are a highly effective yet affordable way to promote the business. They help create visual identity of the brand and attract the attention of potential clients.

Who uses custom clipboards with logos?

Custom clipboards with a company logo are a must-have on a client meeting, as well as during a conference or a presentation. They are used by business representatives to better coordinate various assemblies. The use of clipboards makes everything more prepared and organized. It is also a way to demonstrate professionalism.

Customizable clipboards are also used as corporate giveaways by a lot of companies from different fields.

Types of personalized clipboards

Rigid Box offers various types of high quality personalized clipboards. The clients can choose a product in different dimensions – A4 and A5 – as well as different shapes – they can be single or lockable, in the form of a folder. Moreover, Rigid Box offers eco-friendly custom clipboards which help build a consistent image of a company that cares about the environment.

Do you need personalized clipboards for your company?

How to customize Bespoke clipboards?

Bespoke clipboards from Rigid Box’s catalog are customizable. The client can pick a type of finishing, as well as opt to cover them with a special film and implement UV varnishing.


While personalizing Bespoke clipboards, the customer can use one of several forms of finishing, achieving the effect of a canvas or leather structure.


Bespoke clipboards can be covered with:

  • anti-scratch film, which is a cost-effective, scratch resistant coating that protects the clipboard from the mechanical damage to its surface and makes it look more stylish,
  • soft touch film that makes the clipboard appear more luxurious by giving it a smooth, velvety look and stimulating the sense of touch,
  • glossy film, which gives the custom clipboard a shiny, sleek look,
  • matte film, which creates a smooth, non-glossy finish.

UV varnish

UV varnish can give a bespoke custom clipboard a more modern and classy look. It offers a high quality gloss hard finish and has the capability to bring the artwork designs to life. Thanks to the UV varnish the personalized clipboard appears more appealing and is more likely to attract attention of a potential client. 

All custom clipboards can be created based on designs supplied by the customer or according to the projects prepared by the highly skilled creators employed by Rigid Box.

Why is it worth using customizable clipboards from Rigid Box?

Rigid Box is a well-established customizable clipboards manufacturer with many years of experience in the industry. The company offers a wide range of products and is capable of carrying out even the most demanding tasks.

All clipboards in the Rigid Box’s catalog are very cost-effective, which makes them available even for the companies operating on smaller budgets. They are made of high quality, ecological raw materials with FSC certificates and are characterized by their great aesthetics and a superb level of workmanship. The production process of customizable clipboards from Rigid Box is powered by renewable energy sources, mostly the company’s own photovoltaic farm, which makes it very environmentally friendly.

By choosing Rigid Box’s custom clipboards, the client can be sure to obtain the top tier product that matches their individual needs.

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