Foldable Rigid Box

Foldable rigid boxes
Foldable rigid box

MILO Group is a family business that specializes in the development of luxury foldable rigid boxes. The production process is environmentally friendly and powered by renewable energy sources, mainly the company’s own photovoltaic farm. The foldable rigid boxes are fully customizable and offer many advantages to the user.

The characteristics of the foldable rigid boxes

Collapsible rigid box
Collapsible rigid box

The foldable rigid boxes are covered by a one-year guarantee. Their main characteristics are high quality, sturdiness, vast variety of available shapes or sizes and easy assembly.

High quality

The foldable rigid boxes were made from the highest quality solid cardboard. The raw materials are supplied by the reputable companies and obtain the FSC certificate.


Due to the use of the automatic, powerful machines in the production process, the foldable rigid boxes are extremely sturdy and can effectively protect the item placed in them from any kind of exterior damage.

Vast variety of available shapes and sizes

The foldable rigid boxes are available in a vast variety of shapes and sizes. It allows them to be adjusted to the dimensions of the item they were designed for.

Easy assembly

The foldable rigid boxes are very easy to assemble. They do not require glue or any additional skills.

Assemble the box in five simple steps!

Putting a foldable rigid box together couldn't be easier.

step-1_1600x.webpStep 1 All gift boxes are supplied flat for minimal storage
step-2_1600x.webpStep 2 Remove the corner papers to reveal the sticky surface
step-3_1600x.webpStep 3 Pinch the corners firmly together
step-4_1600x.webpStep 4 All gift boxes have concealed magnetic snap shut closures
step-5_1600x.webpStep 5 Tie a bow! We have gift boxes with fixed, changeable and without ribbon

The customization of the foldable rigid boxes

The foldable rigid boxes are fully customizable. The client can choose the colors, the style and the design of the packaging. The customization of the foldable rigid boxes also means the ability to implement decorative veneers, hot stamping, embossing, UV varnish, as well as different types of film. It is possible to implement the project prepared by MILO Group’s design department or provided by the client.

Decorative veneers

The foldable rigid boxes can use different types of decorative veneers. The client may choose between leather, canvas and ecological paper.

Hot stamping

Hot stamping is a perfect way to elevate the logotype or a product name on a foldable rigid box. It is a printing technique that uses hot dies to press a metallic print and foil onto the surface of the packaging.


Embossing creates raised silhouettes of an artwork design by pressing images, designs and texts into paper and other materials.

UV varnish

UV varnish offers a high quality gloss hard finish. It brings the artwork designs to life and can give a foldable rigid box a modern, classy and appealing look.


The client can choose to add film to the customized foldable rigid box. The options available are:

  • glossy film, which gives the packaging a shiny, sleek look,
  • matte film, which creates a smooth, non-glossy finish,
  • soft touch film, which gives the box velvety appearance, stimulates the sense of touch and creates a more luxurious appearance,
  • anti-scratch film, which protects the surface of the packaging from mechanical damages.

What is the use of the foldable rigid boxes?

The foldable rigid boxes are perfect for cosmetics, clothing items, handmade goods and premium products, such as jewelry, watches, pralines or fragile glass and crystal ornaments.

What are the benefits of the foldable rigid boxes?

Due to their sturdiness, the foldable rigid boxes can protect the items placed in them from any type of damage, while retaining all the features of an exclusive advertising box. Because of the possibility of folding flat, they are a very practical form of packaging. The foldable rigid boxes can effectively eliminate the problem of storage and transport, as they take up little space on the shelves. At the same time, they do not lose the quality of workmanship, which is at the highest level.

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