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Rigid drawer boxes
Slip rigid box

MILO Group designs and produces slip boxes, known also as rigid drawer boxes. They are 100% ecological and covered by the one-year warranty. The rigid drawer boxes work perfectly as a packaging for luxury products, but can also be used in many other ways, depending on the needs of the customer. MILO Group implements projects provided by the client as well as those prepared by the company's own design department. Thanks to automatic, efficient machines, it is possible to realize very high-volume orders in a short time.

The properties of rigid drawer boxes

Drawer box
Drawer box

The rigid drawer boxes are characterized by their high quality and extraordinary sturdiness. They are available in a vast variety of shapes and sizes and can be customized according to the individual needs of the client.

High quality

The rigid drawer boxes are made of the best quality ecological materials and decorative veneers like linen fabric, as well as leather and printing veneer. They were created with a considerable attention to detail, with the use of modern and efficient machines. It allows the manufacturer to keep the high quality while simultaneously maintaining the competitive price. Due to their excellent value, the rigid drawer boxes are suitable for premium brands and products.


The slip boxes are made of high-quality solid cardboard, which ensures their sturdiness. They can effectively protect the product from any kind of damage. The prints on the packaging are also very resilient and impervious to smudging. To add to their strength, the slip boxes can be also equipped with foam, cardboard or solid cardboard inserts.

Vast variety of shapes and sizes

There is a vast variety of shapes and sizes of the rigid drawer boxes available. They can have any chosen dimensions and prints. The clients can decide on the length, width and height of the packaging. They can also choose different colors, styles, and designs.

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The slip boxes can be customized according to the individual needs of a client. They can be equipped with a pull-out lever, cardboard or foam inserts, ribbons and strips. The boxes can also be decorated with selective UV varnish, hot stamping and soft touch or anti scratch foil. It is possible to design them in a way they can perfectly align with the product and the company branding.

Different applications of rigid drawer boxes

The high-end rigid drawer boxes can be used in almost every industry, from food to cosmetics. This type of packaging is ideal for items such as jewelry, watches, leather products, exclusive alcohol, chocolates and many more. 

Functionality of rigid drawer boxes

The rigid drawer boxes can protect the product placed in them from exterior damages and heat. They ensure the item is properly stored and will maintain its qualities. Other than preserving the product, the slip boxes can also make it stand out on the store shelf. Well designed packaging can serve as an efficient marketing tool. It attracts the customer’s gaze and encourages him or her to make a purchase.

The advantages of rigid drawer boxes

The rigid drawer boxes give the product a stylish appearance consistent with the brand’s vision. They can create a unique look for the merchandise and make it stand out from the competitors. A properly designed slip box elevates the product and can be used to successfully promote the brand on the market. Apart from protecting the product from the damage, the packaging can be an effective device to create demand and increase exposure. In short, the use of high-end rigid drawer boxes is one of the best ways to boost the sales and further establish the brand in the industry.

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