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MILO Group is a family business specializing in designing and production of luxury rigid boxes, including high quality slipcase etui rigid boxes. They are ecological and covered by the one-year warranty. The slipcase etui rigid boxes can have various applications and offer many advantages.

What are the characteristics of slipcase etui rigid boxes?

Slipcases for books
Slipcase rigid box

Slipcase etui rigid boxes have the shape of an open cube. Their production is based on automatic production lines of high efficiency, which ensures high quality at competitive prices. The slipcase etui rigid boxes are characterized by their extraordinary durability. They are available in a vast variety of shapes and sizes.

High quality

The slipcase boxes are made of rigid solid cardboard, which guarantees the highest quality of the product. They were created with a considerable attention to detail, with the use of modern and efficient machines. The slipcase boxes can be decorated with colorful print resistant to smudging and enriched with selective UV varnish, dry embossing, debossing, leather-like veneers, hot stamping and more. Thanks to automatic, powerful machines, MILO Group can realize very high-volume orders in a short period of time.


The slipcase etui rigid boxes are extremely durable. They can effectively protect the product placed in them from any kind of damage.

Vast variety of shapes and sizes

The slipcase etui rigid boxes are available in a vast variety of dimensions. They can be adjusted to the size and shape of the product they are designed for. The client can choose the length, width, and height of the packaging, as well as its colors, style and design. It is possible to implement the project prepared by MILO Group’s design department or provided by the client.

What are the functions of the slipcase boxes?

The slipcase boxes are not only protective, but also presentational. They secure the product while simultaneously displaying it in an exclusive and inviting way. The slipcase rigid boxes can make the merchandise stand out and appear more appealing to the buyer. If well designed, they have the ability to attract customers’ attention and encourage them to make a purchasing decision. 

What are the applications of the slipcase boxes?

The high quality slipcase boxes work perfectly as a packaging for such products, as:

  • records,
  • cassettes,
  • CDs,
  • 8-track tapes,
  • film,
  • DVDs.

Larger boxes, designed for the purpose of housing more items, can close the collection into one coherent whole and for that reason are often used for special edition releases and box sets. Slipcase etui rigid boxes can be also applied in many other ways, depending on the individual needs of the customer. They can protect photo albums, binders and even toys. It is common for the etui rigid boxes to be used as casing for books. Slipcases for books are used for special editions, as they appear stylish after being placed on a bookshelf.

Benefits of the slipcase etui rigid boxes

The slipcase etui rigid boxes have the ability to give the product an incredibly stylish, luxurious appearance. By using well designed, high quality packaging, the company can create a look consistent with the brand’s vision. It makes the merchandise stand out from the competitors and gives the product more recognition. The implementation of the slipcase etui rigid boxes can effectively increase exposure and create higher demand with the customers, which leads to boosting the sales. To summarize, the slipcase etui rigid boxes are a smart marketing device. They can help establish the brand in the industry, create the relationship with the customers, and, as a result, bring in more revenue.

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