Custom luxury rigid boxes

MILO Group is a family business specializing in the production of luxury rigid boxes. They are fully customizable and offer many advantages. In our catalog, various types of custom rigid boxes are available. We design such packaging, as: foldable and collapsible rigid boxes with magnet closure, luxury magnetic rigid boxes, slip, drawer rigid boxes, custom shoulder boxes, slipcase boxes.

The production of the rigid boxes is environmentally friendly and powered by renewable energy sources.

Characteristics of the rigid boxes packaging

The rigid boxes are characterized by their high quality, durability, and vast variety of available shapes and sizes. They are also fully customizable.

High quality

The rigid boxes packaging are made with high-end raw materials from reputable companies, which obtain the FSC certificate. A considerable attention to detail was put in the production process, in order to ensure the best quality of the end product. In case of the slip rigid boxes, the cardboard grooving method was implemented. It makes the packaging more elegant and suitable for high-end customers.


The custom rigid boxes are produced from the highest quality solid cardboard, which ensures their resilience. The use of the best printing technology guarantees the durability of the prints on the surface of the packaging.

Availability of different types, shapes, and sizes

The luxury rigid boxes are available in different types, shapes, and sizes. The client can choose the dimensions – length, width, height of the packaging, as well as the heights of its lid. The rigid boxes also come in various colors and designs.


The rigid boxes can be customized in order to perfectly align both with the product and  the company’s vision. They can be decorated with hot stamping, point UV varnish and different kinds of foils – soft touch, anti-scratch, matt and glossy – as well as decorative pull-out ribbons and foam and cardboard inserts. The clients can choose material, lamination, special finish and whether to print the graphics on the inner or outer surface of the packaging with logo and other designs.

Usefulness of the rigid boxes

The custom rigid boxes ensure the product stays intact. They insulate, preserve, and protect the items from exterior damages, as well as the changes of the temperature and high humidity. In the case of the food products and cosmetics, the boxes allow them to stay fresh longer. The custom luxury boxes are also useful as a marketing tool. They have the ability to elevate the product, enhance its visibility, and make sure it stands out, which in effect enables the brand to excel on the market.

Application of the custom luxury packaging boxes

Different types of custom luxury packaging boxes can have different applications. The magnetic rigid boxes are perfect for cosmetics, pralines, alcohol and CBD, the drawer boxes are well suited for jewelry and cosmetics, while slip case boxes can be used for books, magazines, journals, and CDs. All of the variants prove to be excellent gift boxes.

Advantages of the custom luxury rigid packaging

Due to the fact that MILO Group uses an innovative method which allows folding of the rigid boxes flat, the use of the custom packaging can optimize storage space and transport costs. It can also show the brand’s vision and attract customers’ attention. The custom luxury rigid packaging is invaluable when it comes to product promotion. It can create a unique look for the merchandise and make it stand out from the competitors. Aside from ensuring the physical safety of the product, the use of proper packaging plays a big role in enhancing the business sales. 

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