Alcohol and Wine Boxes

Alcohol gift box
Alcohol and wine boxes

MILO Group is a renowned rigid box manufacturer. The company offers high-end alcohol gift boxes. With the purpose of allowing the client an accurate assessment of the packaging quality, the prototype of the custom alcohol gift box can be prepared before the order is processed.

What are the characteristics of the alcohol gift boxes?

Alcohol gift box is a type of an exclusive packaging for alcohol and wine sets. It is characterized by its high quality and resilience, as well as the availability of a vast variety of shapes and sizes.

High quality and resilience

The alcohol gift boxes are made of rigid solid cardboard with FSC certificate. They were produced in a modern machine park which enables the execution of any project. A considerable attention to detail was put in the designing and manufacturing process, in order to ensure the best quality of the product.

Vast variety of shapes and sizes

The alcohol gift boxes are produced in any dimensions tailored to the customer's needs. Each client can decide on the length, width and height of the packaging.

Customization of the alcohol gift boxes

The alcohol gift box can be customized according to the customer’s needs. In the production process, MILO Group uses decorative veneers and modern decorative techniques such as hot stamping, embossing, debossing, UV varnish, and films – anti scratch or soft touch. The alcohol gift box can be also equipped with fitted inserts.

Various types of decorative veneers

The customer can select the type of the packaging’s decorative veneer. It is possible to choose between canvas and leather.

Hot stamping

For elevating logotypes and product names on the alcohol gift box, the customer may opt for hot stamping – a printing technique that uses hot dies to press a metallic print and foil onto the surface of a box.


Embossing is a finishing process that presses images, designs, and texts into paper or other materials. It can be used to create raised silhouettes of an artwork design on the alcohol gift box.


Debossing is a finishing process that gives the results opposite to embossing – it presses a design onto a surface of the packaging so that it creates a sunken area. That method can be used to put a logo or an artwork on the alcohol gift box.

UV varnish

UV varnish offers a high quality gloss hard finish and brings the artwork designs to life. This method has the capability to elevate the packaging and make it more appealing.

Anti-scratch film

The anti-scratch film is a scratch resistant coating that protects the alcohol gift box from the mechanical damages to its surface. It is efficient and cost effective.

Soft touch film

The soft touch film stimulates the sense of touch and gives the alcohol gift box a smooth, velvety and luxurious appearance.

Fitted inserts

Customizing the alcohol gift box by implementing fitted inserts prevents the bottle from moving, ensuring its safety and helps with the product presentation. The client can choose to use inserts made of cardboard, foam or flock materials.

The use of the alcohol gift boxes

The alcohol gift box, as the name indicates, was designed to carry alcohol bottles. It insulates, preserves and protects the bottles from exterior damages, as well as the changes of the temperature and high humidity. Depending on the type of the packaging, it can carry one bottle or the whole set.

The benefits of customized alcohol gift boxes

Customized alcohol gift box has the ability to emphasize the unique content, enhance its visibility, and make sure it stands out on the store shelf. Well designed packaging with logo is a strong marketing tool that can attract customers’ attention and persuade them to make a purchase.

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