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Neck rigid box

Neck rigid boxes are a prestigious form of advertising packaging. Its base is decorated with a cuff on the inside, which separates the upper and lower parts of the box. It also adds extraordinary elegance to the packaging. MILO Group is a recognized provider of high-end and best quality neck boxes. We allow full customization and encourage our clients to personalize the boxes, by selecting the colors, texture, the thickness of the cardboard, as well as custom printing details.

What makes the neck rigid boxes so special?

Neck rigid boxes can help many companies change the perception of their products in the mind of their customers. It is possible due to their high quality, increased durability, and availability in many different shapes and sizes.

High quality

The neck rigid boxes are made of the high quality materials, with a considerable attention to detail. This makes them suitable for premium brands and products. The neck rigid boxes can have additional refinements in the form of soft touch film, hot stamping, embossing or selective UV varnish, which help to further emphasize the value of their content.


The neck rigid boxes are made of thick solid cardboard. Due to the extra layer of board used to create the neck, they are the sturdiest and most heavy-duty type of packaging available. By pairing them with inserts tailored to the specific product, the neck rigid boxes become the best choice for packaging even the most fragile of items. While protecting the products from any kind of damage, the boxes can still give them the most splendid presence.

Multiple different shapes and sizes

There is a wide range of the neck rigid boxes available. They come in different shapes and sizes, as well as different colors, styles, and designs. The rigid box can be designed in a way that its neck can be seen when the lid is closed. It can also have the lid cover the neck entirely. There are two basic types of the boxes: with a lid semi-detached and fully detached. While customizing the box, the client can choose its length, width, and height, as well as the height of the lid and the base, and the visibility of the neck when the box is closed. It is also the client’s choice to decide whether the box should have anything printed on its outer or inner parts. 

Use of the neck rigid boxes

The neck rigid boxes can be used as a packaging for a vast variety of products. They are perfect for fragile items, such as glass ornaments, candles or chocolates. The neck rigid boxes are also ideal as a packaging for cosmetics, alcohol, ties, jewelry and watches. They can be used as gift boxes as well. The neck rigid boxes are a great marketing tool. By customizing their appearance and adding suitable print, the client can create a package appealing to the customers that persuades them to buy the product.

Benefits of using the neck rigid boxes

Neck rigid boxes not only protect the products from the damage, but can also give them the most lavish and stylish appearance. Items placed inside such a high-end packaging appear more appealing to the buyer. The well designed neck rigid boxes, customized to the specific needs of the brand, can attract the attention of the customers. They are a perfect marketing tool, effective in promoting the brand on the market. Thanks to them the brand can create a unique look for its products and stand out from the competitors. The use of the neck rigid boxes is one of the best ways to enhance the business sales.


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