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MILO Group is a renowned rigid box manufacturer that offers a wide range of products including elegant gift packaging. The company carries out orders in every edition and any printing technique. To allow an accurate assessment of the box and the quality of its performance, the prototype can be prepared before the order is processed.

Properties of the rigid gift boxes

Gift packaging box
Rigid gift boxes

The rigid gift boxes are characterized by their high quality. They are extremely robust and are available in a vast variety of shapes and sizes.

High quality

The rigid gift boxes are made with the high quality materials, in a modern machine park which enables the execution of any project. They are created by using the best printing and bookbinding techniques, such as offset, digital or screen printing. The rigid gift boxes can be refined with hot stamping, soft touch foil, embossing or UV varnish. Their interior may have a filling in the form of a foam insert, matching the shape of the content.


The rigid gift boxes are made of thick solid cardboard, which makes them very resistant to outside forces. Due to the use of the new techniques and high quality pigments, the prints on the packaging are very resilient and the client does not need to worry about smudges.

Vast variety of shapes and sizes

It is important to point out that the rigid gift boxes are available in a vast variety of shapes and sizes. The client can decide on the length, width, height, color, style and design of the packaging. Among gift boxes there are bottom-lid, magnet-closed, drawer, neck, tube, and other types of boxes available.

Functionality of the rigid gift boxes

The rigid gift boxes ensure the safety of a product. They insulate, preserve and protect the items from exterior damages, as well as the changes of the temperature and high humidity. The gift boxes have a large advertising space that can be used to promote a company or a brand, which makes them an incredibly useful marketing tool. They have the ability to elevate the product, enhance its visibility, and make sure it stands out on the store shelf. By attracting the customer’s gaze, the rigid gift boxes enable the brand to excel on the market.

Application of the rigid gift boxes

The rigid gift boxes are the perfect solution for the safe packaging of many different products. Models with magnetic lid can be used to store such items as food, especially elegant pralines or chocolates, cosmetics, jewelry and accessories.

The bottom lid gift boxes may serve as a packaging for cosmetics, perfumes, vinyl discs, as well as fashion items, while the rigid drawer gift boxes are ideal for items such as watches, leather products and exclusive alcohol. Slipcase rigid gift boxes, on the other hand, can be used for books, magazines, journals, DVDs and CDs.

What are the advantages of the high quality gift packaging boxes?

The high quality packaging boxes, aside from protecting the product, give the merchandise a luxurious appearance. They make the product stand out from the competitors and are a tool used to promote the brand. If well designed, the gift boxes can effectively convey the brand’s vision and attract customers’ attention. They are capable of persuading the potential buyer to make a purchase. The gift packaging boxes offer such advantages, as the enhancement of the business sales and the advancement of the brand in the industry of choice. To benefit from the gift packaging boxes, the company needs to make sure they are of the highest quality and have an impeccable design.

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