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Cosmetics rigid box

Boxes for cosmetics are a very special type of product. They must meet the high expectations of customers in order to convince them to make a purchase. In the beauty industry packaging is usually the first contact of the client with the product. Because of that, boxes for cosmetics have a large impact on sales. MILO Group is a provider of high-end packaging for cosmetics which offer protection, as well as marketing opportunities.

What are the properties of the cosmetic beauty rigid boxes?

Cosmetics boxes
Cosmetics boxes

The cosmetic beauty rigid boxes are known for their high quality, durability, and vast variety of available shapes and sizes. They are also fully customizable.

High quality

The rigid boxes for cosmetics are made of the high quality materials, with a considerable attention to detail, which makes them suitable for premium brands and products. Depending on the design, they can contain various types of decorative veneers, such as leather, canvas and ecological paper. Colorful advertising print can be additionally refined with hot stamping, film (soft touch and anti scratch) or an embossed logo. The cosmetic beauty rigid boxes are made with the use of modern and efficient machines, which helps to keep the high quality while simultaneously maintaining the competitive price.


The boxes for cosmetics are produced from the highest quality solid cardboard, which ensures their durability. The high definition prints, made using the best printing technology, are resilient and impervious to smudging.

Vast variety of available shapes and sizes

The cosmetics beauty rigid boxes are available in a vast variety of shapes and sizes, as well as in different colors, styles and designs. There is packaging in the form of boxes closed with magnet, slip (drawer) boxes and bottom-lid boxes. They can contain inserts made of cardboard, foam or flocked PVC. The client can choose the length, width and height of a box, as well as the height of the lid.


The boxes for cosmetics can be customized in order to perfectly align with the company branding. The clients can choose to print graphics in the outer and inner surface of the packaging. They can also select material, lamination, and a special finish.

Functionality of the cosmetics beauty rigid boxes

The cosmetics beauty rigid boxes insulate, protect and preserve the items placed inside of them. They ensure the product stays intact. Cosmetics placed in proper packaging are safe from exterior damages and heat, which allows them to stay fresh longer. The rigid boxes can also help the cosmetics to stand out on the store shelf, enabling the brand to excel on the market.

The use of the cosmetics beauty rigid boxes

The rigid boxes for cosmetics are used in the whole beauty industry. Due to their versatility, they can serve as a packaging for creams, face masks, mascaras, lipsticks, nail polishes, perfumes and many more.

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The benefits of using the cosmetics beauty rigid boxes

The cosmetics beauty rigid boxes can show the brand’s vision and attract customers’ attention. They can give the product the most luxurious appearance and lead the buyers to make a purchasing decision. Well designed boxes for cosmetics, customized and meeting the needs of the brand, are a perfect marketing tool. They effectively promote the brand on the market. High quality cosmetics beauty rigid boxes can create a unique look for the product and stand out from the competitors. As can be seen, choosing the right packaging for the cosmetics is not only about protecting them from the damage – it is one of the best ways to enhance the business sales and further establish the brand in the industry.

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