Suitcases Rigid Boxes

Suitcases rigid boxes
Suitcase rigid box

MILO Group is a family business with over 30 years of experience on the market that specializes in the production of premium rigid box packaging, including high-end suitcases rigid boxes. The company is constantly developing and continues to search for better solutions in order to satisfy the needs of its clients. The production of the suitcases rigid boxes is environmentally friendly and powered by renewable energy sources, mainly the company’s own photovoltaic farm, which makes the end product fully ecological. This type of packaging offers plenty of advantages and can have various applications. As a manufacturer of suitcases rigid boxes, MILO Group provides short lead times and the highest quality.

Characteristics of the suitcases rigid boxes

Custom suitcases boxes
Custom suitcases boxes

The suitcases rigid boxes are characterized by their high quality, resilience and vast variety of available versions, shapes or dimensions. They are also fully customizable.

High quality

The suitcases rigid boxes are made of ecological raw materials with FSC certificates, which were delivered by only the most reputable suppliers. In order to ensure the best quality of the end product, a considerable attention to detail was put in the production process.


The suitcases rigid boxes are made of the highest quality solid cardboard with a thickness of 2 millimeters, which ensures their resilience. To make the cases even more resistant and practical, additional reinforcements and accessories, such as press studs, magnet closures, and plastic, string or leather handle, can be implemented. The guarantee of the durability of the prints on the surface of the box was obtained due to the implementation of the best printing technology.

Availability of different versions, shapes and dimensions

The suitcases rigid boxes are available in various versions, shapes and dimensions. The client can choose the length, width and height of the packaging. The suitcases rigid boxes also come in various colors and designs.


The suitcases rigid boxes can be customized in order to perfectly align with the company’s vision. At the client's request, the advertising print can be enriched with:

  • hot stamping – a printing technique that uses hot dies to press a metallic print and foil onto the surface of a box,
  • soft touch foil – a film that gives the box a smooth, velvety appearance, stimulates the sense of touch and makes the packaging appear more luxurious,
  • UV varnish – a polish that offers a high quality gloss hard finish, has the capability to bring the artwork designs to life and can give a custom suitcase rigid box a modern and classy look.

The client can also choose a different form of refinement, for example anti-scratch film, logo embossing or hot stamping. On request, the suitcases rigid boxes can be also produced without the use of dies, which significantly lowers the production cost.

What are the applications of the suitcases rigid boxes?

The suitcases rigid boxes have many applications. They are perfect for conferences, training and fairs, as well as advertising templates or a carrier of a large number of documents. The reinforced structure of the suitcase (double bottom and durable suitcase handle) makes it ideal for packing heavy items.

Benefits of the suitcases rigid boxes

Personalized suitcases rigid boxes are a great alternative to smaller folders, the limited capacity of which makes it impossible to store more products or documents. They give the content a more stylish appearance. The use of well designed, high quality suitcases rigid boxes, allows the company to create a look consistent with their vision. This type of packaging is a smart and effective marketing device. It helps establish the brand in the industry and bring in more revenue.

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