We can make an appropriate filling to each packaging manufactured by the MILO Company. Depending on the intended use, it can be filled with carton or paper filling or with foam insert with shape corresponding to products to be packed in the boxes. The inserts are punched using specially prepared cutters and are cut with a precision to the millimetre. Inserts perfectly secure the contents and ensure that the product is beautifully presented after the box is opened. Box filling are often used in cosmetic industry, alcohol industry, pharmaceutical industry, mercery industry, and accessory industry. Ideal for premium products.
850_9302-23.jpgTwo-tier foam
pudelko_reklamowe_11b.pngBlack foam with high density
pudelko_reklamowe_14b.pngSoft sponge
wkladka_kartonowa.jpegRigid, mass-dyed cardboard
Wypelnieni_z_tektury.jpgCarton filled with a sponge
wypelnienie_kartonowe_2.jpgPrinted cardboard + eraser holder
wypelnienie_kartonowe.jpgPrinted and foil cardboard 350g
wypelnienie_piankowe.jpgRigid foam cut with a waterjet jet
wypelnienie_tekturowe.jpgPartitions made of colored cardboard
wypelnienie_z_kartonu_2.jpgA box with an insert made of a rigid, black cardboard 400g
Wypelnienie_z_kartonu.jpgMagnetic box with a white insert
wypelnienie_z_pianki.jpgBlack foam box
wypenienie_piankowe.jpgMulti-level foam cut with a plotter
wzornik_reklamowy_9b.pngSolid cardboard insert 3 mm
IMG_4722.jpg350g cardboard cut out
IMG_4714.jpgPVC molding
IMG_4708.jpgCardboard glued to the foam
IMG_4689.jpg350g printed cardboard
IMG_4680.jpgFoam in any color and size

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